Vertigo Jam #1
Story title(s)
'Tainted Love'
Tom Ziuko
Stuart Moore (editor), Julie Rottenberg (asst. editor)
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Vertigo Jam #1 - John tells another homeless man a dark tale of infidelity and shapeshifters.

Plot SynopsisEdit

Down and out, living as a drunken bum, Constantine recounts a tale of magic in return for a swig of whiskey.

John tells us about an old friend of his, Seth. The two had similar personalities but whilst Seth was a bit of a ladies man, he never treated women with respect - a member of the love im and leave im school of thought was Seth. This all changed when he met Annette though - a foreign languages student who was drop dead gorgeous and who quickly became the object of Seth’s desires. The two hit it off and when John returned from a brief trip to America, he was surprised to find the two had moved in together.

Things quickly deteriorate when Annette catches Seth kissing another woman - when she confronts him he blows his top and throws her out of his house. Constantine comforts her and the pair end up sleeping together. As John sleeps though, Annette ruffles through his books of magic. A couple of months later, John visits Seth and learns that Annette has taken him back and the pair have decided to make another go of it.

As Annette and Seth retire to bed, John lets himself out of the house - he’s stunned to run into a distraught Annette. She reveals that she’s made a deal with The Third Of The Fallen and that that’s who’s currently with Seth. Constantine rushes back to his friend just in time to witness his messy demise at the hands of the shapechanger.