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The Third of the Fallen
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The Third of the Fallen is a demon of enough power to rival The First of the Fallen and joins him and The Second of the Fallen as a ruling triumverate of Hell. Its first appearance was in Hellblazer issue 45.

Appearance and personality

Like all demons, The Third of the Fallen is able to take on any form it pleases; unlike most it takes a particular delight in changing its form and is usually shown with a different shape in every panel of the comic. It is aggressive and vicious, and takes delight in causing both emotional and physical pain.

Fictional biography

After The First of the Fallen was created, God realised that he needed to make something to keep The First in check. He therefore created The Second and Third of the Fallen; demons of equal power to The First who would form a three-way standoff for eternity, with none of them daring to seize full control of Hell lest it be destroyed in civil war. While other triumverates also reigned during this time, including one featuring Lucifer, the First, Second and Third of the Fallen held the true balance of power. (Hellblazer issue 79, 1994)

In the 1980s the Third of the Fallen was summoned by Anette, a friend of John Constantine's who wanted her boyfriend, Seth, to be punished for abusing her. The Third then took on Annette's form and castrated Seth. When she realised what damage she had caused, Anette killed herself. (Vertigo Jam 1, 1993)

After discovering that he was dying of lung cancer, Constantine sold his soul to The Second of the Fallen. However, he also sold it to the First and Third as well. Knowing that they wouldn't risk war in Hell, he then slashed his wrists, forcing them to heal him completely. (Hellblazer issue 44-45, 1991)

The stalemate remained until The First (whose existence predated Hell) found out that the Second and Third were not his equals, but merely extremely powerful demons with major weaknesses. He then killed them both, breaking the stalemate and allowing him to go after Constantine. The remains of the Second and Third were then transformed by a mysterious third party into the Twin Blade. (Hellblazer issue 79, 1994)