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The Tate Club
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Networking within London's magical community
Formerly Packer (deceased); now unknown
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The Tate Club is a meeting place for magicians in London. It is located in the centre of the city, near Oxford Circus. It made its first appearance in the Warren Ellis run where it was only referred to as 'the tea rooms' and was described as a place for old magicians to meet. It was reintroduced in Mike Carey's run, where it was named and its scope broadened to a communal place for all of London's magicians. The Tate Club was also shown to be a group operating against the magician and gangster Domine Fredericks.

It makes a reapparance in the DC Universe during the events in The Hellblazer issue 2.


The Tate Club was opened in 1805 by persons unknown. Its last known owner was Packer, who ran the club until his death in 2003, although it continued after his death. It was first introduced as 'the tea rooms' where Clarice Sackville, Albert and other old London mages went to be with the ghosts of their loved ones. John's only interest in it was as a place to meet Clarice for advice about his recently murdered girlfriend. (Hellblazer issue 134-138.

The Tate Club reappeared after John Constantine's niece, Gemma, was kidnapped by a mobster/magician named Domine Fredericks. Fearful that Constantine might help Fredericks, the Tate's head members called a midnight meeting in which they considered turning on him. But they didn't get a chance - Joshua Wright, acting on Fredericks' orders, attacked the club and killed most of the members present (including Packer) though Clarice and Albert escaped. (Hellblazer issue 177-Hellblazer issue 178)

John returned to the Tate a year later to ask Clarice for help once more but his demonic son, Adam, launched a magical attack on the club that killed Albert. (Hellblazer issue 202)

In 2005 John was invited to the 200th anniversary of The Tate Club. But John, who had recently lost his sister, was in no mood to party. He cast a spell that showed each person in attendance how they would die. In doing so he cut his cords with London's magical community and - if you believe Clarice's angry statements - the world's. (Hellblazer issue 214-215)

After having visions of the war mage Mako, Clarice and Brother Chalice headed to the Tate Club to rally a defence - only to find that Mako had got there first, killing everyone inside. (Hellblazer issue 247)