The Fear Machine
John Constantine, Hellblazer: The Family Man
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DC, Vertigo, Titan Books
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The Family Man collect issues 23-24 and 28-33 of the Hellblazer series. Of the missing issues, 25-26 are collected in Rare Cuts and issue 27 is collected in Neil Gaiman's Midnight Days.

Publisher's description

Collecting Hellblazer #23-24 and #28-33, this collection features one of the creepiest stories from fan-favourite Hellblazer writer Jamie Delano! A twist of fate sends John Constantine into the path of a serial killer known as The Family Man, whose bloody actions force the con-man mage to make a shattering choice in their final showdown.

Storylines collected

For detailed plot synopses, see the issues' individual wiki pages. Where a storyline spans several issues but has no over-arcing title, the title of the first issue is used.

Larger than Life

(Issue 23) Fact and fiction merge when Constantine visits an outlandish old friend.

The Family Man

(Issues 24, 28-30) John plays a game of cat-and-mouse with a serial killer who targets families. But soon it's not clear just who is hunting who...

Mourning of the Magician

(Issue 31) When John's niece, Gemma, finds herself haunted by a dead relative, John must delve into his own dark past to put right a terrible wrong.

New Tricks

(Issue 32) Grisly murders at a homeless shelter look to be the work of a rabid dog - but the truth is far stranger and more gruesome than even Constantine could expect!

Sundays are Different

(Issue 33) John passes into a strange parallel world where meaning and language are being torn down.

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