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| name=    eg. Hellblazer #1
| image=   Use the cover of the issue, 250px wide
| title=   Title of issue, eg. 'A Feast of Friends', 'Dangerous Habits, part two: A Drop of the Hard Stuff'; if multiple stories, separate titles with commas
| cover=   Name of cover artist
| script=   Name of writer; if issue has multiple stories, put name of story in brackets, eg: Peter Milligan ('The Curse of Christmas') 
| art=    Put in full B&W art team, eg. Steve Bissette (penciller), John Totleben (inker); if multiple stories, add name of story, eg. Eddie Campbell (inker and penciller, 'The Curse of Christmas').
| colours=   Use name of colourist or colour studio, as seen in issue credits
| letters=    Name of letterer
| editor=    Name of editor
| date=    cover date
| collected=    Link to trade paperback in which this issue was collected. Do not include series name (eg. [[Dangerous Habits]], not [[Hellblazer: Dangerous Habits]])
| previous=    Link to previous issue in the series (only link to issues, annuals and special one-shots within the main body of the series, or to another issue of another series if the issue ends in a cliffhanger that is picked up in a direct crossover to another series; spin-offs and external miniseries linked to this issue should be linked to in the main text).
| next=    Link to next issue in the series.