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| name=    eg. Garth Ennis
| image=   Artist's photo, 230px wide
| birth=   Date of birth (in day, month, year format: 10 June 1973)
| death=   Date of death, if applicable
| birthplace=   Birthplace, if known (city or county, country)
| home=    Current home, if known (city or county, country) 
| role=    Roles on Hellblazer (writer, artist, editor, letterer etc). Multiple, if required
| issues=   Hellblazer issues written (eg. #41-50, 51-83) with links
| specials=    Hellblazer specials, inc miniseries, books, one-shots. If miniseries: Bad Blood #1-4 (with Bad Blood as link to main page, 1 and 4 as links to those issues)
| total=    Total number of issues, books, miniseries issues etc, worked on (inc. issues where he/she only did part of the issue)