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| name=   The full name of the book (eg. John Constantine: Hellblazer: The Devil You Know). The article's name should not include series titles (eg. The Devil You Know)
| image=   Use a cover that is representative of the series as a whole (eg. main character present)
| alias=   Other names the trade has held, if any
| volume=   The volume number of the trade in the series, if any
| publisher=    List of publishers and imprints (eg. DC Comics, Vertigo)
| format=    If it's a collection of issues then put TPB (for paperback) or THB (for hardback) or both. If it's an original graphic novel then put OGN. If it's a prose novel then write Novel. If it's prose with illustrations, put Illustrated novel
| cover=    Name of cover artist(s)
| script=    Writers
| art=     If the book collects individual issues then only name pencillers, not inkers. eg. Jamie Delano (a), John Ridgway (a)
| colours=    If the book collects individual issues then leave blank
| letters=    If the book collects individual issues then leave blank
| editor=    If the book collects individual issues then leave blank or use the trade's editor, not the individual issue editors
| released=    Date of first publication, if known; put later releases and revisions in the article
| pages=   Interior page count - total, including adverts and supplementary material, if any
| ISBN=    The ISBN number of the book, if any. Use most recent edition. For different publishers, please preface with name of publisher, eg: Vertigo ISBN NUMBER, Titan Books ISBN NUMBER
| collects=   List the issue numbers (eg. Hellblazer #10-13, Hellblazer Annual 1, The Horrorist #1-2). For issue titles and links to the issues, use the main article.
| previous= the previous book in the series (if any)
| next=   The next book in the series (if any)