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Tainted Love
John Constantine, Hellblazer: Tainted Love
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Tainted Love Collects issues 68-71 of the Hellblazer series, plus Hellblazer Special 1 and the short story from Vertigo Jam 1.

Publisher's description

A dissolute wizard with a nasty habit for getting his friends killed, John Constantine has let himself go. While struggling to climb back to respectability, or at least a reasonable facsimile thereof, John is forced to confront a vampire who has stalked the Constantine family for generations, deal with his recently returned ex-girlfriend, and settle an old score left over from his teen years. From the lowest point in his life and on through the struggle to regain control, John Constantine's is a tale of redemption and revenge in true Constantine fashion.

Storylines collected

For detailed plot synopses, see the issues' individual wiki pages. Where a storyline spans several issues but has no over-arcing title, the title of the first issue is used.

Tainted Love

(from Vertigo Jam) Alcoholic and destitute, Constantine recalls a former friend's deadly pact with a demon.

Down all the Days

(Issue 68-69) With no home, no friends and no hope, Constantine thinks that things can't get worse. He's very, very wrong: The King of the Vampires has returned and he's brought friends...


(Issue 70) While John wallows in sorrow, Kit settles back into her life in Belfast - and finds it just as chaotic as when she left. Note: this issue is the Hellblazer story titled 'Heartland'. The spin-off one shot of the same name is collected in Rake at the Gates of Hell.

Finest Hour

(Issue 71) A ghostly vision of life and death in World War II gives John some measure of redemption.


(Hellblazer Special) A chance encounter with a figure from his youth brings back disturbing memories for John, and reveals a dangerous message from The First of the Fallen.