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S.W. Manor also known as Stanley, is an American homosexual wizard who carries a grudge against John Constantine.

John and Stanley share a moment.

Started when John deceived Stanley in the 70s by giving him a fake magical clock, this later stems out more when John broke his relationship with Stanley. Stanley grew up in a wealthy heritage and became a powerful politician.

Stanley's anger with John first came when John tricked Stanley by giving a fake Rasputin's clock and faking his own death. But Stanley again fell in love with John which ended again in disaster. So Stanley makes an elaborate plot to frame John for the death of his friend.

John was sent to prison and stayed there fors ome time due to guilt, but soon frees himself. John went to look for his friend's family to ask for forgiveness, and during that time he learned that it was Stanely who planned everything all along. After learning that his scheme was discovered, Stanley tried to kill Constantine once and for all using a curse in the form of BDSM. Stanley thought that he succeeded, but soon regretted killing John. Agent Turro got wind of this crime and tried to arrest Stanley in his mansion for the murder, but Stanley anticipates him and disembowels him using a spear. Unbeknowst to Stanley, John actually reversed the curse and its effects were transferred back to Stanley, killing him.

Stanley and John's homosexual relationship caused great controversy in the comic book industry at that time.