Members of the British Royal Family are the monarchs that reign over and represent Great Britain (and formerly, the British Empire).

Many real-life individuals from the Royal Family have appeared in the Hellblazer books, mostly as enemies. Being a large part of British culture and society, the Royal Family are often being depicted by various authors in the series as points of satire or social commentary.

Their names are often left anonymous to prevent any legal repercussions, although their faces can be recognized if readers look at them clearly.

Many of them appeared or were mentioned in the story arc Royal Blood. The Caligula Club led by a mage named Marston, planned to return absolute monarchy in Britain with the use of demons. Royal individuals who appeared in the story arc includes:

  • Prince Charles (who got possessed by the demon Calibraxis summoned by Marston to "man him up")
  • Prince Andrew
  • Queen Victoria
  • Prince Albert

The Royal Family also appeared as the main enemy in Jamie Delano's limited series Bad Blood. The story takes place in a possible future in 2025 where an aged Constantine tries to protect his friend Dolly who they found out was the sole heir to the English throne. Dolly also revealed that she is pregnant with John's child and that child is also a future heir to the throne. It was later revealed that Britain was undergoing a state of being a "republic", finally getting rid of their age-old monarchy. Members of the Royal Family who appeared or were mentioned includes:

  • Princess Diana (mentioned and appeared as a spirit)
  • Prince Charles (showed as King Charles)
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