Phantom Pains
Phantom pains
John Constantine, Hellblazer: Phantom Pains
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DC, Vertigo,
Cover artist
Release date
February 21, 2012
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After seeing his new wife Epiphany react to his now thumb-less hand, Constantine goes on a quest to find a suitable replacement for his missing digit. While he tries to literally sew himself back together, John's niece Gemma plots a scheme of revenge against her uncle. Will Constantine be able to fend off his own family's demonic fury?

Storylines collected

High Frequency Man

(Issue 276) In this standalone story a real-estate investor looking to make a quick buck gets in the way of happily married bliss for John Constantine, and learns the hard way that's something you should never do...

Phantom Pains

(Issues 277-281) As far as Gemma Masters is concerned, she was assaulted by her own uncle – by John Constantine himself! Now, she wants her revenge. Unbeknowst to John, our scruffy urban mage has more immediate concerns: his lovely new wife finds him repulsive. Or rather, Epiphany is suddenly freaked out by the sight of his thumb-less hand. This sets Epiphany on a dark journey into her past and pushes Constantine on an even darker quest along London's North Circular Road, in search of a new digit...


(Issue 282) In a British prison, a shape-shifting product of the Babylonian backstreets called Julian is about to have some fun at the prisoners' expense. Now, the prison has become a kind of living Hell – even more than before – which should make John Constantine feel right at home when he poses as an inmate and tries to dish out his own rough justice to demonic prisoner number 666.

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