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Norfulthing is a demon that was summoned to Earth unconsciously by Astra Logue. It is a creature of pure id and rapes and consumes anything it finds. It first appeared in Hellblazer issue 11.

Appearance and personality

Norfulthing's physical form is largely similar to that of an enormous white dog, but with a slimy exterior and external organs on its body. It can shift between human-like and quadrupedal form. It also has an enormous penis which it uses to rape its prey. The creature is almost mindless but very powerful, and has a compulsion to maim and destroy everything it can.

It is later revealed when John Constantine returned to the Casanova Club that Norfulthing was actually a primodrial Elemental.

Fictional biography

In 1979 Norfulthing was summoned to The Casanova Club, a Newcastle nightclub, by Astra Logue. Astra was the daughter of Alex Logue, a would-be magician and orgy enthusiast. She was gifted with psychic abilities but the continued sexual abuse by Alex and his cronies eventually drove her to the point of insanity. She unconsciously called forth Norfulthing, an expression of her fear, and it went on to rape, murder and devour everyone else at the orgy. John Constantine and the rest of The Newcastle Crew stumbled upon the scene the following day. John summoned a demon to destroy Norfulthing but failed to properly name and bind it. The demon, Nergal, killed Norfulthing and dragged Astra to Hell, driving John mad in the process. (Hellblazer issue 11, 1988)

But Nortfulthing wasn't truly dead. Since it's an elemental, it continued to exist and haunt the remains of The Casanova Club (now with a detachable head courtesy of Nergal). However, in the late 2000s a documentary crew, making a video about John's former band Mucous Membrane, broke into the club's ruins. They disturbed Norfulthing and it proceeded to drive them all insane, killing them in various gruesome ways. John, however, was able to bind it again before it could do more damage. (Hellblazer issue 245-246, 2008)