Lou Stathis
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21 September 1952
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4 May 1997
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Lou Stathis (1952 - May 4, 1997) was an American author, critic and editor, mainly in the areas of fantasy and science fiction. During the last three years of his life he was an editor for DC Comics' Vertigo Comics line, including Preacher, Doom Patrol, Industrial Gothic, The System and Dhampire.

Stathis was a columnist and editor for Heavy Metal magazine, and he also did a column for Ted White's Fantastic magazine. He worked as an editor for Ace Books, High Times and Reflex magazine.

In 1989, Stathis wrote The Venus Interface, a Heavy Metal graphic novel with a cover by Olivia De Berardinis and interior art by Jim Fletcher, Rick Geary, Peter Kuper, Mark Pacella, Kenneth Smith, Arthur Suydam and Michael Uman. Stathis also collaborated with Matt Howarth on Das Loot, published by Aeon in 1994.

In writing and editing, Stathis took a prismatic approach, noting popular culture linkages:

I see connections between all vital forms of popular art. It's all in the mix, and to erect barriers between, say, comics and music - to ignore the noise from any part of the system - is counterproductive and just plain stupid. Most of the artists and writers I know listen to and take inspiration from music while they work; most of the musicians I know read comics and get off on the imagery. There's an intense, crosscultural/media conversation going on, and all you have to do to hear it is stop listening selectively.

While he was an editor at DC Comics, Stathis began having headaches which kept him from working. He died of respiratory failure ten months after being diagnosed with a brain tumor.


In June 1997 he received a special award from the International Horror Guild.

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