Lord Calvin Burnham was a real-estate mogul, magician and enemy of John Constantine during Andy Diggle's run on the series.

Burnham runs the Hunger Hill housing estate, a company run by crime and magic who used devious methods to evict Londoners off their homes such as mind-control, rape and murder. Burnham soon became the interest of John Constantine when he tried to stop Burnham from taking over some civilian areas that he was trying to demolish. Burnham however, manage to outwit Constantine and almost killed the magus during a bombing that left hundreds dead.

This only infuriated Constantine, and when the latter found out that another magician named Mako was also after him, he tried to trick Mako into killing Burnham. Mako and his Sudanese troops stormed Burnham's manor, kills his magician Rinzen, and almost killed Burnham. But the mogul manage to make a deal with Mako to team up and kill Constantine.

Burnham's deal was that he was going to give Mako a magical mirror that houses many souls that would give him more power. In return, Mako must take away Burnham's soul and store it inside a magical container filled with treasures, prostitutes and sexual deviants for all eternity.

Constantine managed to turn the table on the two and traps them both inside the empty container, where they were locked away in a vault forever.

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