This is a list of priests, vicars rabbis and similar religious officials that have appeared prominently in just one story, though they may have had cameo appearances in other stories. Characters that are religious but more overtly magical (such as the monk Donatus Chalice) are classed as magicians.

They have been collected in alphabetical order by surname. More prominent magicians receive their own wiki page and can be found in the 'Clergy' category (see the link at the bottom of this page). 'Deceased' means that the character died in their appearance; it does not preclude them coming back...

Reverend Greene

Reverend Greene officiated the wedding between John Constantine and Epiphany Greaves (and also, due to some confusion, between Epiphany and The Demon Constantine). Greene becomes unstoppably aroused near open graves and his lecherous attitudes toward grieving widows mean that he's no longer allowed to oversee funerals. He's so obsessed that he occasionally lapses into funeral rites during wedding ceremonies.
Only appearance: Hellblazer issue 275

Father Luigi Grimaldi

Father Grimaldi is a Catholic priest stationed in The Vatican, where he has access to the church's most sacred and secret texts. He also has access to a room that was supposed to be sealed off from God, allowing popes and priests to sate their lusts without damning their souls. There he slept with - and for reasons he doesn't understand - killed a prostitute who turned out to be a succubus. Help arrived in the form of John Constantine, who took one of The Vatican's holiest books as payment.
First appearance: Hellblazer issue 243. Last appearance: Hellblazer issue 244

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