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Leonardo Manco
Date of birth
16 December 1971
Date of death
Current home
Role(s) on Hellblazer
Artist, cover artist
Hellblazer issues
Hellblazer specials and books
All His Engines (interior/cover)
Total number of issues/books

Leonardo Manco (born December 16, 1971) is an Argentinian comic book artist and penciller.


Manco is best known for his dark and gritty style on such titles as Hellstorm (1994), Blaze of Glory (2000, #1-4), Apache Skies (2002, #1-4), Deathlok Vol.3 (1999–2000) and Hellblazer (2004).

Other work by Manco has included Archangel #1 (1996), Werewolf by Night Vol.2 #1-6 (1998), Doom #1-3 (2000) and Doom: The Emperor Returns #1-3 (2002).

In 2004 he drew an original Hellblazer graphic novel - All His Engines written by Mike Carey, was the regular artist on the Hellblazer series. In June 2004 Manco was signed to a two-year exclusive contract with DC Comics.

Manco is the artist on War Machine series from Marvel Comics.

He currently lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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