An attractive woman in her youth, Judith first crossed paths with John Constantine at the North Beach Ashram where she was studying Tantric Yoga. Prior to the botched exorcism at Newcastle she was as addicted to the thrill of magic as Constantine himself was but the consequences of John's failure on that fateful day saw her become a disenfranchised member of London's punk community.

When cornered by the Invunche, Judith chose to join forces with the Brujeria rather than meet her end at the hands of the demon. Having turned her back on her friends, she murdered both Frank North and Jeremy Cox. Believing that she would become a Voladoras - a special messenger for the cult that would posses the ability to turn into a bird - Judith allowed herself to be transformed into a crow. She burned to death in this perverted form after successful completing her mission for the Brujeria and awakening the presence that, but for the timely intervention of the Swamp Thing, would have destroyed Heaven.

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