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Exorcist and demonologist; probably not 'master of the dark arts'
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Wide knowledge of magical spells and incantations
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John Constantine is the main character of the TV series Constantine. He is portrayed by Welsh actor Matt Ryan.

Difference with the comic book version

  • Due to early network restrictions, at first, John was not allowed to be shown smoking regularly, and couldn't be shown taking a drag on a cigarette. However, there are a number of scenes in various episodes of him stubbing out cigarettes, holding cigs in his lips or hands, etc. In later episodes he is seen smoking more frequently, particularly in the season finale, as John enters the house and after his confrontation with Papa Midnite when he is driving a car, it can be clearly seen that he smokes a cigarette and blows out smoke.
  • John was originally not explicitly confirmed as bisexual, though there is vague alluding to it as of episode 5 when he responded to a question Zed asked about the separate rooms both would sleep in with; "I respect everyone I sleep with" as oppose to "every woman." Daniel Cerone eventually confirmed via Twitter that John is indeed bi on the show, and they have a script written that would confirm this onscreen. It was eventually made explicit with references to, and depictions of, male partners in DC's Legends of Tomorrow.
  • As in the Keanu Reeves-starring film adaptation, John's surname is pronounced "Constan-teen" as opposed to the comic's pronunciation of "Constan-tyne" (rhymes with 'line').
  • As in the film version, most of his adventures are based in America.
  • Had a shorter, cleaner trench coat at first, though by the final episode his trench coat is much longer and more closely matches the comics.
  • Matt Ryan has tattoos on his arm and other parts of his body. John in the comics only has one tattoo on his butt from Alec Holland (Swamp Thing).
  • John was born May 10 1982 unlike in the comics when he was born May 10 1953.


  • Actor Matt Ryan is a big fan of the Hellblazer comics. In an interview he described that for the play he had to have a clean-shaved beard like his comic counterpart. So how did that happen? Here's how he describes it: "It was the night my play ended. I went out and got drunk, got on a plane, cut all my hair off, shaved my beard, and there I was."
  • David S. Goyer is also a fan of the comics. In describing the character, he said, "Why Constantine? He doesn't have any spandex, he doesn't have any super powers. But if he's facing a problem he might cast a spell, and if that doesn't work he might pull a con, and if that doesn't work, he might kick him in the balls, and if that doesn't work he'll run!"
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