The Horrorrist, or Angel, is the embodiment of oppression, famine and murder, basically white guilt. She appears as
a beautiful young refugee from an African war zone.

Angel was once adopted by a happy Christian family and migrated to America. The family one-by-one died, spare for the mother, the father committed suicide,while their child died of disease. She then embarked on a journey, where all people she crosses paths with feels all the worldly sadness and injustice that Angel has been carrying, thus making the do immoral things such as a sheriff killing his own family, a motel owner committing suicide, a journalist gouging his own eyes because of the things he saw, and children accidentally running over landmines and getting killed.

John Constantine travels to America to stop her. The two eventually met in John's motel room, where both proceeds to have sex. John was having sex with all the sufferings of the world, making him feel all the world's suffering. After that, John wakes up and later finds Angel's now dead body.

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