Hellblazer #200
Story title(s)
'Happy Families'
Steve Dillon (pp 1-15), Marcelo Frusin (pp 16-27), Leonardo Manco (pp 28-40)
Lee Loughridge
Clem Robins
Will Dennis (editor), Casey Seijas (asst. editor)
Cover date
November 2004
Collected in
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John Constantine: Hellblazer #200 (NOV 2004) Happy Families. In this month’s gala Hellblazer #200, John Constantine will face a threat even he could never envision: married life. Series writer Mike Carey is joined by a trio of past, present and future Hellblazer artists — Steve Dillon, Marcelo Frusin, and Leonardo Manco — for this 40-page tale that finds Constantine living a day of wedded “bliss.”

Plot summary

John Constantine has survived his share of horrifying events: a bout with cancer, four-headed soccer hooligans, a stint in a maximum security prison, and more trips to Hell than he probably cares to recall. In this month’s gala Hellblazer #200, he’ll face a threat even he could never envision: married life.

In three separate-yet-connected tales, Constantine finds himself united in unholy matrimony to three women from his past, but, as the story unfolds, he soon realizes that a much more sinister force is behind what could be the worst day of his life. He lives forty years in one day, siring a child with each wife.


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