Hellblazer #137
Story title(s)
'Haunted, part 4'
James Sinclair (colours), Digital Chameleon (separations)
Clem Robins
Cover date
May 1999
Collected in
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John Constantine: Hellblazer #137 (May 1999)

Plot summary

Constantine ponders his own experiences on London's streets as Josh Wright's thugs take to the Underground in search of Map. Expecting to find a helpless man, Wright's men come face to face with the most powerful man in London and suffer a gruesome end beneath the wheels of a tube train. Back on the street, with the contents of Isabel's journal still fresh in his mind, John tracks down Darren and demands help from the crack using mage.

Pausing for a quick breather before setting the endgame in motion, John retires to a nearby pub and bumps into Haine, an aging Magus looking much the worse for wear. As Haine recounts his experiences in the 'field', John is confronted by Map, who's none to happy about his visit from Wight's thugs.

Josh Wright takes matters into his own hands, tracking down Hawkstorm and blaming him for the death of his men at Map's hands. Wright leaves the failed mage a mutilated corpse.


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