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Glasgow is one of Scotland's biggest cities, and though it was mentioned several times in Hellblazer, it made its first on-page appearance in Hellblazer issue 216.

Fictional chronology

1992-1993: Terry Butcher, fleeing creditors in London, arrives in Glasgow. He seduces a pair of conjoined twins, who turn out to be Header's daughters. Header takes it badly, but not as badly as Terry, who winds up "in the Clyde (river) wi' a baseball bat up his arse". (Hellblazer issue 63, 1993)

2006-2007 John Constantine is pulled out of a self-enforced magical retirement by the desperate pleadings of a man who approaches him in a bar. The duo head to Glasgow, where Constantine finds himself in the middle of a magical conspiracy that could destroy the entire world. (Hellblazer issue 216-222, issue 224-228, 2006-2007)

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