Frank Turro is an FBI agent who first appeared in Brian Azzarello's run. First appearing the storyline Hard Time. He negotiated the release of John Constantine from the maximum state prison he is in when the prisoners took over it. Turro was later assigned to watch over Constantine as he travel around the U.S.

Turro was later told that Constantine died in a BDSM club when the latter accidentally set himself on fire. Though with a burned body as evidence, Turro wasn't convinced that Constantine is dead. He later deduces that John is still alive. And tracked him down to the house of an American sorcerer named S.W. Manor. Unfortunately, when he tried to get inside the house, Manor sliced off his hand and opened his guts, resulting in Turro's death. But not before Turro finally discovers than Constantine isn't dead at all and his deductions were right.

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