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The Fair Lands or The Twilight Realm
Southern England
Notable characters
John Constantine, Timothy Hunter, Titania, Alexandriel
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First appearance
The Books of Magic #3
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Hell is torture, but you know its torture. Faerie is worse, because while you lose every piece of yourself, you think you're in heaven.

Faerie is one of two fictional other dimensional homelands for the Fairies, as published by DC Comics. The Vertigo Comics realm of Faerie is an amalgam of the mythological realms of Álfheimr, Otherworld, the Fortunate Isles, Tír na nÓg and Avalon. This mix is heavily influenced by Shakespeare's play A Midsummer Night's Dream. It is home to the faeries and other mythical races, ruled over by the Seelie Court and King Auberon and Queen Titania.

Time moves different in Faerie than it does in the real world, and someone spending an hour there might find that they have been missing for weeks on their return. An example of this is that Titania's illegitimate son was born and taken to Earth shortly after her marriage, an unspecified amount of time before Auberon and Titania watched the first performance of A Midsummer's Night Dream on Earth sometime in the 1590s. Tim Hunter was born in 1983, and yet Titania has no difficulty in believing that he may be the same child

The world of Faerie first appeared in Hellblazer in issue 112, in which the Faeries are try to stop Myrddin's men from capturing Rich the Punk. John Constantine himself accidentally arrived in this world in Constantine: The Hellblazer issue 10. Their leader, Alexandriel, becomes an enemy and later an ally of John Constantine.