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As seen in the backmatter of Hellblazer issue one, two and four, journalist Satchmo Hawkins tried - and failed - to interview Constantine for the underground XS Magazine.

Issue #1 opens with 'Faces on the Street', a one-page article on John Constantine from the (fictional) XS magazine , written by 'Satchmo Hawkins'. It neatly summarises Constantine's personality for new readers. This was reprinted in the Original Sins trade paperback.

Like the first issue , issue #2 features an article by fictional journalist 'Satchmo Hawkins' on John Constantine, written for XS magazine. This one involves him trying - and failing - to get an interview with Constantine.

Issue #4 backup feature: Lyrics to "Venus of the Hardsell", a single released by John's old band, Mucous Membrane. It includes a post-it note apology to Satchmo for missing the interview, and a broken 45 RPM vinyl single of the song.



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